Buying Guide : How To Choose Best Smartwatch

Smartwatches are a modern form of a watch that provides a lot of features except for only showing the time.

It shows time, tracks heart rate, your daily steps and activities, sleep activity, GPS and plays music even when you do not have the phone with you.

It provides easy access to some of the smartphone applications and provides an extension to your smartphone even when you do not have your phone with you.

Smartwatches even show incoming calls, notifications, reminders, and navigation, contactless payment as well.

Not just that it is a perfect companion in your fitness journey as you can track steps, calories burnt, distance walked, etc.

But when it comes to buying smartwatches, you might be confused and think about how to go about it?

So, let us understand what features to look for while you are purchasing a smartwatch.

This will help you resolve all your questions and queries. Your mind might be confused between Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Noise or any other leading, well-renowned brand.

Every smartwatch is excellent in its way, but they’re not all the same. Then comes budget, trends, and several other factors in the picture.

So, let us explore more and know more.

Guide to choose the best smartwatch In 2023

There are few things that we all look for while purchasing a smartwatch. Now, these might differ from person to person.

Some look for battery life, some for the design, some look for the price. So, the needs are different for different people and so are the criteria.  

Below-mentioned are the most important things to look at while purchasing a smartwatch.

Compatibility : Buy such a smartwatch that is compatible with all devices, be it Android or IOS or any other device.

You should choose such a smartwatch that is compatible with your operating device, like Apple Watch only works best with I-phones, while Samsung goes well with any device for that matter.

Considering the first criteria in the picture, we all know compatibility is a huge factor. If a device is not versatile in its compatibility, then it is useless to buy them.

Apple watches work only with I-phones, whereas Wear OS connects both to apple and android.

Smartwatches like Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit these all brands that are compatible with all devices.

Apple watches are advanced though as they can work without any operating device and can be operated freely. You do not need phones to operate them.

Battery life : Battery life is very necessary for a proper purchase. It’s very much required to go for smartwatches that have long battery life after a single charge.

Secondly, battery life is essential as those with long battery performance are prioritized rather than those with low battery performance.

If a watch goes for hours after a single charge, people would prefer that and buy it.

Fitness features : Try to find such watches that have fitness features installed in them. It might have a heart sensor and GPS. Calorie count, step tracking, etc. is also preferable.

Thirdly, the availability of fitness features has kind of become the need of the present generation. Tracking steps to calorie counting are all essential even for active and fit people who prefer to keep a watch on their physical fitness.

Even heart rate is shown in the display of many watches. So, they’re connected to your body and keep a check on you.

Apps associated : The quality of apps should be seen too.

Different watches give different apps like Apple has different ones while Samsung, Noise, and others have different ones. Some have health app in-built in them, while some need to be downloaded from the app store.

Communication apps are also to be considered as some watches have social media apps in them so you can communicate to people via the watch. Messaging, calling options, etc. are necessary.

Price : The best smartwatches generally range between Rs 15,000-32,000.

The expensive ones provide more features as compared to the less expensive ones.

These good brands are generally priced between 10,000 to as expensive as 40,000. It’s not advisable to spend a huge sum of money to buy a smartwatch.

The ones which are mid-priced and reasonable, come with a lot of features and facilities are the best options.

The expensive ones have advanced fitness, music and communication features, while the ones which are a bit less expensive might miss out on certain features.


Apart from these, many other things should be kept in mind as well. The inbuilt quality of the watch must be sturdy and hard so that it doesn’t break or have scratches on falling.

The design is also a factor that plays a key role when you’re purchasing a smartwatch.

A shiny and aesthetic design is always preferable by people as compared to a shabby and are not so attractive design.

Many smartwatches have a facility where you can pay for things without your wallet.

If you save your credit or debit card information, you can easily be from your Smartwatch. Apple Watch uses Apple Pay where are the others use Google Pay, Samsung pay, and so forth.

Hence, this is the ultimate guide that provides you with enough information and helps you to understand which watches are the best and should be purchased for long-term service.

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