4+ Best Gaming Headphones Under 1500 In India

Looking for the best gaming headphones under 1500 there are a plenty numbers of the gaming headphones in the market or in the online store picking out the best one from that is still not an easy task 

Craze of the gaming is increasing day y day without any drop gaming is not only the fun elements nowadays its became the professional way of living the life that why we thought to write the article on best gaming headphones under 1500 and help in such manner thats you will get the good pairs of the gaming headphones in the your desired budget 

Without wasting further time lets dive into the list 

  1. Ant Esports H530
  2. Cosmic Byte GS430
  3. HP H200 Wired Gaming headphones
  4. boAt Immortal IM-200 7.1 Channel
  5. Redgear Cloak RGB
  6. Probus K1

Before moving to the list of all the 6 best gaming headphones lets discuss the some basics terms regarding the gaming headphones 

What is gaming headphones ? 

A gaming headphone is a device that is specifically designed for gamers. These headphones look just like a regular headphone, but they also have sound effects similar to consoles such as playstation and xbox.

In simple it is the device for the gaming purpose made and design for the purpose of gaming only but you can use as normal as well

if your budget is 2000 you can go with best gaming headphones under 2000

Difference between normal headphones and gaming headphones ?

It’s quite easy. It all comes down the what you are hearing. Gaming headphones offer more than just the ability to listen and watch music. These headphones let you listen to music and participate in games. When you play a game, the sound volume is adjusted so that it reaches your ears directly and does not reach any other parts of my head. 

This allows for greater positional awareness of all the sounds around you. You will know exactly where everything and exactly where you stand. 

This is the best benefit, as you can hear everything better and get more from the game.

It can be confusing to purchase gaming headphones, especially if your search isn’t clear. Gaming headphones have many more features than regular headphones. Gaming headphones offer some advantages that aren’t found in regular headphones.

If you’re looking for the best gaming headset and have no idea what it is, this article will tell you. Here is a guideline for choosing the best gaming headset.

Don’t be confused by all the options when buying a gaming headphones. 

Brands and packaging can be confusing. Brands and packaging are not what will make or break your experience. However, there are certain factors that can lead to a better or less expensive headphone. These are the factors you need to take a look before purchasing a best gaming headphones

How to select the best gaming headphones under 1500

These are the features gamers should look for when they are selecting the gaming headphones

1. Comfort – This is the most important aspects you should look while chose the gaming headphones because you are going to wear it for the long term 

the gaming headphones should provide comfort for your head and be comfortable to wear over long periods. The gaming experience will be enhanced by the use of adjustable headbands that can fit different head sizes.

2. Durability: A quality gaming headphone should be able withstand everyday abuse including drops and use in extreme temperatures. It should be able take some punishment, and still perform well. 

It should be able to withstand frequent use without losing its sound quality.

3. Price – A gaming headset doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many gaming headphones that offer great features and are affordable. Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for a top-of-the-line model. Quality models are available that won’t break the bank. These quality gaming headphones offer great sound and reasonable prices.

4. Battery : you should also look for the great battery backup if the gaming headphones is the wireless we have also added couples of the wireless gaming headphones in the list of the best gaming headphones under 1500

Details of the Best Gaming Headphones under 1500

here are the details about the all gaming headphones under 1500.

1. Ant Esports H530

Best gaming headphones under 1500

Features :

40mm directional speaker

Deep Bass

Multi color backlit illumination

Noise Cancelling microphone

Ant Esports H530 is the best gaming headphones under 1500 here are the reason why i have selected for the frost choice of the gaming headphones for this price range 

Design & Build 

if I’m talking about its build and design of the Ant Esports’ H530 gaming headphones it is still remain the most popular choice for gamers due to its ergonomic design.

It will come with a headband that is adjustable which is completely adjustable. 

It can be adjusted, thanks to the possibility of adjusting it to conform to the shape of your head.

This will keep your body from burning out during lengthy gaming hours.

Furthermore the air pads are composed of super soft and skin-friendly material which provides the highest level of comfort to your ears.

Gamers who love the backlit sound of headphones will love this gaming headset a lot.

In this instance you’ve got the benefits Of Multi-Color Backlit that makes it look better.

The Ant Esports H530 gaming headset is a universal headset suitable for any device that includes a PC, console, Android or IOS.

Sound Quality 

These headsets are great for gaming at fps and listening to music. The quality of the headphones are amazing and the noise cancellation feature also stands to what is stated on the box ! It’s the best headphones for the price of the 1500

the clarity of this headphones is going to make you fan of this brand ANT 


The Ant Esports H530 Wired Over Ear Headphones are a lightweight and comfortable over ear gaming headphones that will fit your ear comfortably with soft cushions.

The headset is equipped with 40mm directional speakers, noise isolation, having a high bass designed for gamers and a microphone attached with a 3.5mm audio jack that lets you listen to music while playing games. 

The microphone is unidirectional MIC, noise canceling and can be hidden during not in use. 

The ANT Esports H530 Over Ear Headphones are affordable and deliver a great gaming experience. 

The headset delivers the best sound quality, the microphone is unidirectional, having no background noise around you when in use making you sound great quality.

The ANT Esports H530 Over Ear Headphones are fashionable and will make gaming more fun for you. It is an affordable pricing for all gamers in need of a great gaming headset that is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox one as well as mobile phones. 

The ANT Esports H530 Over Ear Headphones are easy to connect and has an inline controller that features a microphone mute switch and volume control. 

This headset has an on-cord control with 3 buttons that support the different games or the devices you are using in your computer, Xbox or your mobile device. 

This is a comfortable over ear gaming headset that will fit your ear comfortably with soft cushions giving you full comfort during long sessions of games or entertainment.

We will definitely recommend this gaming headphones if you are looking for the best gaming headphones under 1500

2. Cosmic Byte GS430

Cosmic Byte GS430


Immersive 3d gaming sound  

3. 5mm jack, compatible with all devices 

Noise cancellation mic 

RGB lighting effect

cosmic became India’s leading gaming products brans day by day by gaining the trust of the people in the gaming industry by providing the best gaming products 

Design & Build quality :

this gaming headphones is best example of the well-rounded budget gaming headphone from Cosmic Byte 

when you are looking for the best kind of the sound in some cases you should have to compromised with the look of the headphones like its driver size and all kinda stuffs 

its obvious that the larger will be the driver size the output and the clarity of the sound will be also good but it will also going to increase the size of the headphones now in this cosmic byte gaming headphones you may have to compromise with the look if you are going for the best quality of the sound 

The design of this headphone is ok ok also the gaming headphones is build for the gaming purpose to enjoy the gaming and play with clarity of the sound thats why companies are not focusing on the design if the gaming headphones 

defiantly if your priorities more for the sound quality rather than the looks and design must go with this gaming headphones this will going to stand on your expectations without fail 

If I’m talking about the build quality its body is made up of the purely plastics which 

This means that the Cosmic Byte GS430 is built entirely from plastic but still feels sturdy enough for day to day use. The headphones pack the same multicolour RGB lights that light up once you plug-in the USB connector.

There is 2.1 meter cable audio splitter in the box that helps you in using the Desktop PC or all the devices which you want to use without any problems 

Sound Quality : 

the 50 mm drive make the sound quality of this headphones to the next level as compare to the others cosmic headphones if you are looking for the great sound quality headphones then we will must recommend you to go with this gaming headphones

the clarity matter the most in the gaming headphones like footstep and all the kind of the sound in the game you are not going to get disappointed vey its clarity if the sounds  

it comes with the signature folding microphone from GS410 the audio you will vet from its microphones is awesome and on the point you are also going to enjoy the game while playing with this headphones 

we will must recommend you to go with this gaming headphones if you are looking for the best gaming headphones under 1500

Features : 

you are going to get the inline volume and mic control which will help in using the headphones in many and easy ways also easy plug in any device you want

The features of noise cancellation will also enhance your gaming experience by adding the clarity and smoothness sound in your ear and also microphone reduces the background noise so you can have clear communication with your teammates and the gaming sound and can put more focus on the game 

with the help of its 7 cooler RGB lighting effect you can enhance the sense of serenity with RGB lighting effects that is going to add the smoother experiences as well as without fail 

3. HP H200

best gaming headphones under 1500 in india

Features : 

3.5mm audio output.

50mm speaker driver

Multifunctional line control

4D shock sound

Hp 200 wired gaming headphones is considered as the best gaming headphones under 1500 there are many reason why we have picked this headphones as in ur the best list 

here are some of reasons

Design & Build :

The design of this gaming headphones is unique and eye catchy that make this gaming headphones also different and best from the others gaming headphones 

the build quality of this gaming headphones 

In this gaming headphone, it comes with an adjustable headband that allow you to make it easy to put the headphone’s position and also you can use it for long time without facing any problems 

In this gaming headphones you are going to get the benefits of a rotating microphone that you can turn wherever you like according to your preference.

This feature isn’t present in the majority of headphones or we can say its rare features as well as,

 which means this is an additional characteristic of these headphones that you must take note of

there is the Cool blue light which will let you know that your headphones is working perfectly

Sound Quality : 

the 50 mm larger speaker driver is going to provide the best sound quality in the term of the gaming 

its 7.1 surround sound offers higher quality and next level of the sound experiences  that is not often seen at this price range of the 1500.

In this gaming headphones you are going to get the 4D Sound effects which will help create an even larger and clearer sound field, with high-quality and clear sound that can be helpful in making gaming more enjoyable.

Overall the sound quality of this gaming headphones is best at the price range of the 1500

Features : 

Multifunctional line control of this headphones will let you use this headphones in easy ways can control all the types of the things in easy way with the help of this line control

with the help of the notable microphone you can turn the microphone to where you need to position it with a single click at the button,. The microphone can be used to communicate with greater effectiveness

It is compatible with all the devices like PCs, Laptops and Smartphones

4. boAt Immortal IM-200 7.1 Channel

boAt Immortal IM-200 7.1 Channel

Features : 

7.1 channel virtual surround sound

Lightweight Design

Noise isolating Mic with ENX Tech

50mm Driver 

Playing a game for long time is not an easy task the reason is the we have to sustain the weight of the gaming headphones its became the obvious like if there is gaming headphones there will be the larger speaker driver yeah most of the case its true but it increase the weight of the gaming headphones

that why we have included the boAt immortal IM-200 in our list which has the larger speaker driver and also it is the light weight in in there term of the design that why it will be the perfect choice if you are looking for the best gaming headphones under 1500 which is great in sound and will also the light weight then this gaming headphones is the ideal one for you 

Here are details about the boAt immortal IM-200

Design & Build Quality : 

the best thing about this gaming headphones is its design most of the gaming headphones are like bullky and odd in the term of design or you can say look if I’m talking about this boat gaming headphones its not true it is light weight and also attractive in the term of the design

it is made up of the ultra soft foam which will help you in improving density and the breathable weave

Bring some light to the arena with this amazing RGB led light effects that is affixed to Ear cups with the help of this boat Immortal gaming headphones 

Sound quality : 

The 50 mm of the powerful speaker drive is not going to let your sound quality down this driver is going to provide you te 7.1 channel surround sound which will let you feel a next levels of the music 

Its 50mm drivers with a powerful bass along with boAt Signature Sound will make your gaming experience go through the roof.

Its 7.1 channels of Surround Sound is available to provide you with a cinema-like immersive audio in 360 degrees.

Features : 

There are plenty of the features you are going to get in the ganing hadohones but my favourite is its Noise isolating mic 

with the help of the this mic you are going to Get rid of the background noise during your fierce battles and share your strategy in crystal clear clarity using the ENx(tm) technology.

with the help of the secure braided cable you can easily and freely move wherever you want without any problem 

you are also going to get the 1 year of the warranty in this gaming headphones 

Note : boat has launched its Netflix edition product

5. Redgear Cloak RGB

Redgear Cloak RGB

Features :

3.5mm audio-mic jack 

Immersive Bass 

Auto Adjustable headband 

Omni Directional Mic

looking fo the budget friendly gaming headphones then the reader cloack RGB is the best examples of the budget friendly gaming headphones it comes with the price range of the 650 which is affordable for most of the people whoever looking for the budget headphones here are the details of the reader cloack RGB gaming headphones and also why we have selected this headphones as the best gaming headphones under 1500

Design & Build quality : 

In this price range of 600-700 the build quality you are getting in this headphones is much impressive as compare to the other premium budget headphones but its fine for this price range 

Its ear pads is made up of the foam which will allow you to use this gaming headphones for the long time without any pain in your ears

Sound Quality :

 the 50 mm driver speaker is going to enhance your audio experience in the gaming

the bass and the audio clarity is also impressive of this gaming headphons in this price range  

Features : 

This headphone comes withe the RGB light effect on the ear cups and on the microphones help you enhance your gaming experiences 

The omnidirectional microphone, which will help you in adjusting the microphone according to the situations  of the intense gaming 


Hey I have discussed all thing in details, I hope now you are all ready to choose the Best gaming headphones under 1500 according to your needs and requirement I have provided all the best list of best gaming headphones under this price range

I will suggest you to pick any of the top 3 gaming headphones from my list that will be the best choice for you

If this article is helpful for you, then you can share with friends and family that’s means a lot to me

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Frequently asked questions 

Which is best gaming headphones under 1200?

Ant Esports H530 and Cosmic Byte GS430

What is the #1 gaming headset?

Ant Esports H530

Which Headphone is best for gaming?

Ant Esports H530, Cosmic Byte GS430, HP H200 Wired Gaming headphones and boAt Immortal IM-200 7.1 Channel

Which is the best gaming headphones under 2000?

boAt Immortal IM-200 7.1 Channel

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