7 Best Earphones Under 2500 In India, 2023

Looking for the best earphones under 2500 there are many earphones out there in online market or offline also but choosing best pair from them is not an easy task, that’s why we are here to help you in choosing the best earphones under 2500.

Earphones are the widely used component of the mobile phones thats why you should go with the good pair of earphones and also looking for the long lasting pairs 

Here we are going to introduce you with the best earphones under 2500 also the buying guide like how you can choose the best pairs before buying it

Overview of Best Earphones Under 2500

  1. Sony MDR-XB55AP
  2. OnePlus Bullets Z2
  3. realme Buds Air 3 Neo
  4. Oneplus nord buds
  5. JBL Wave 200 TWS
  6. boAt Rockerz 330 Pro
  7. Boult Audio X1 Buds

Types of earphones 

there are mainly three types of the earphones which includes the in-ear, on-ear and over-ear now lets see how to differentiate between them and which one is good for you 

  1. In-ear : the earphone which you can fit or insert inside the ear like earbuds and earphones there are benefits of having the in-ear earphones as compare to others like noise cancellations, easy to use and comparable 
  2. On-ear :  the type of earphone which cover or completely enclose your ear know as on-ear earphones here are the few benefits like adjustable and compact 
  3. Over-ear: by its name it clear the the types of earphones which is going to cover the ear completely its benefit include bass quality and comfort  

How to choose the best earphones in 2023 

there are many factor on which the best earphones depend like build quality sound quality and features are one of them lets discuss in detail and guide you one by one 

Build quality : it plays the main role in any product while choosing any product defiantly you should go through its the build quality like its wire quality having the best wire quality of the earphones ensure the earphone will be with you last and in wireless you can check its material from which it build is of the good quality or not

Sound quality : the main component of any pair of earphones is its sound quality thats why always prefer the earphones as per your daily like your music taste and also the work like bass one we have also listed the many earphones having good output bass and clarity as well as in the list of best earphones under 2500 so you can go and select any of them without any worry 

Features : the features make the product more unique thats why the more features make the product much better than any other products in the earphones you can go with the earphones having the active noise cancellations, fast charging and many more 

we have make sure to add the best earphones which are having the features thats help you to increase your music and work experience 

Quick Guide : Thing to keep in mind 

The fit of the headphones is important because not all ear shapes are the same. 

So, there are several headphone factors like in-ear, on- ear as well as over-ear.  

The frequency range is generally measured in hertz (Hz) and generally refers to the range of audio frequencies that are headphones can repeat. So, knowing the frequency response will help you select the right product that you’re looking for. 

Like if you like to listen to music with lots of basses, then you should look for headphones with a low bass frequency 

Compatibility is a very important criterion that needs to be fulfilled when it comes to purchasing headphones.

If they are not connective and only selectively connected to some devices then it’s a problem as there is no versatility and hence can be a problem. 

Drivers are also responsible for creating the sound within your device. So, the stronger the driver the better will be the overall sound. 

Drivers can also boost the different sound effects for a good listening experience.

Sensitivity should be taken into consideration. It refers to how loud headphones can go and show how electric signals can be changed into acoustic signals. 

They are generally measured by sound pressure level (SPL) and also help you understand what is right for you. 

It’s always preferable to buy a mid-range level of sensitivity headphones because they will not be dangerous to your ears.

Noise cancellation feature is very important because it will help you separate the unnecessary sound, noises from your background so that they don’t create any sort of disturbance. 

You can focus on your work more properly when such unwanted noises will be canceled out.

Water-resistant headphones are now on the trend because you can carry them easily while you’re working out at the gym or doing exercise at your house or maybe running long distances. 

They can be your perfect partner in the process of staying healthy. 

They block out moisture from sweat so that it does not get destroyed or defected. 

Lastly, the brand should also be taken into consideration because it is true that well-known and well-repeated brands are much more reliable as compared to the new ones. 

However, they should not be the first criteria while you are purchasing headphones.

Details of best earphones under 2500

Let’s dive in to the details of the all earphones under 2500 one by one 

1. Sony MDR-XB55AP

Sony MDR Wired earphones


12 mm neodymium drivers

Extra Bass Technology

Shiny metallic finish 

Tangle Free Cable

In-Line Mic with Hands-Free Calling

1-Year Warranty 

Sony MDR-XB55AP is the best earphones under 2500 Sony has never disappointed with its overall quality in the products also in these earphones you are gonna getting all the best combination like build quality, design, sound quality and features 

Design & Build quality : Sony MDR-XB55AP is the build of the metallic earbuds that’s also giving you the Shiny metallic finish that makes this earphones look unique and different other earphones in this price range this and this comes with the tangle free wire which ensure to use the earphones without having problem of the tangled wire 

Sound quality : the sound quality of this earphone is exceptional in the price range of the 2500 it comes with the 12 mm Neodymium Drivers

Which ensure to give you the best sound experience also enable to give you the best bass quality also I have used this earphone personally I’m gonna falling love with its sound quality

Features : Sony MDR-XB55AP having the features of extra bass technology which enable the good sound experience having the In-Line Mic with Hands-Free Calling helps you pickup and manage the call easily It comes with the 3 pairs of Silicone ear buds which make sure that earphones get easily get fit in your ear without any fail 

In the box you will get the one earphone, 3 silicon earbuds for fitting, and user guide

Why you should buy it :

Sound quality 



Worth to money 

2. OnePlus bullet z2

best earphones under 2500


12.4 mm bass driver

Water and sweat-resistant(IP55-rated)

Fast Charging

AI Noise Cancellatiion

1-Year Warranty 

Design & Build quality : The design of the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z2 is almost equal to that of the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition. it is made up of the skin-friendly silicone material and aslo supported by the curved design which is best for the support or easy to use for day to day use

Sound quality : sound quality of this oneplus bullet z2 earphones is crystal clear and also somehow you will bass booted as well as  the reason of this sound quality is its massive 12.4mm drives which are tuned for bass. The typical audio tuning is quite similar to the previous Oneplus Z bass addition, with herbal vocal and treble with excessive bass reaction.

if you really looking for the best earphones under 2500 then this one plus bullet z2 will be the best choice for you with the balanced bass and sound clarity it can be your first choice

Features : you are going to get a lot of the features in this wireless bulletz earphones from fast charging to IP55 Water & Sweat Resistance

with the help of fasting charging you can easily charge your bluetooth earphones 10minutes for the 20hours and with that you are getting the 30hours of battery backup  as well as the best features that i really love while listing to the music with the bullets z2 earphones is its AI Noise cancellation which will let you isolate from the unwanted audio 

It can also pair with your phone within a couple of seconds and also there is a low latency which will help you to improve the music experience 

You can play and pause the music with the help of its inline button also it will help you in manage the phone calls easily 

In the box you will get the one OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2, 3 pair of Silicone ear-tips (S, M, L), charging cable, User guide and Warranty card

3. Realme Buds Air 3 Neo


10mm Dynamic Driver

Active Noice cancellation

Super-low 88ms Latency

IPX5 Water resistance

Dart Charge

Build quality & design : it design id of the curved lip designed which is rally attractive and gives your earbuds a premium looks there is fingertips along with the charging case also help you to use and open the case without much effort 

Sound quality : sound quality of this earbuds is goon surprise you with thin this price range of 1999 the 10mm dynamic driver which will let you enjoy good amount of bass,smooth mids and crystal smooth trebles 

Apart from this you will get the dolby atmos which will feel you the next level of music experience and default AAC audio codec will help to improve the audio quality for a sophisticated listening experience 

that’s the reason behind putting this earbuds on the list of best earphones under 2500

With the help of the realme music studio which is engineered by pros will let you experience the 3 types of audio including Bright, balanced and Bass booste for the better and greater depth

Features : in this realme buds air 3 neo you will get the pretty good amount of features including the AI ENC Noce cancellation, Dart Fast Charging, Instant pairing, Super low 88ms latency,IPX5 Water resustance and 5.2 Bluetooth

the 88ms low latency help you in improving your sound quality while playing the video games by synching audio with game without delay 

You can charge your earbuds and use it for the total playback of the 30 hours with the help of the dart fast charge you can charge it for 10minute and use it upto 120 minutes of playback

Realme buds can easily pair and connect your buds with the phone with the help of its fast pairing features

Are you a gym or sport enthusiast the pair of earbuds is also gonna best fit for you with its IPX5 Water resistance will allow you to use this earbuds in every situation without have to worry about the water resistance problem

In the box you will get the one realme buds air neo, type c charging, quick guide to set up the buds and the 6 eartips for the best fitting according to your ear size

4. Oneplus nord buds

best earphones under 2500


AI Noise Cancellation

IP55 Rating

12.4 mm dynamic drivers

Fast Charging

IP55 Dust & Water Resistance

Design & Build quality : the design of the oneplus nord buds is a smooth and ergonomic design that is best fit and comfortable for log use without any problem

Look-wise it is the Metallic finis as oneplus previous buds pro which gives you a premium look and attractive both at a time 

Sound quality :  the sound quality of this onepus nord buds is gonna impress you with its 12.4 mm dynamic drivers which is responsible for deeper bass & crisp clear sound you can customise its sound quality according to your internet or mood you can change in Bold, Bass & Serenade with the help of sound master equaliser’s

if you are looking for the best earbuds under 2500 for the best bass quality then oneolus nord buds will be the first choice with comes with the Dolby atoms support which is responsible for the deeper bass and crisper sound also

Features :  the features of the one plus nord buds is quit interesting and exciting that will make you feel to buy and choose this earbuds under this price range of 2500 its features includes the AI Noise Cancellation, Fast Pairing, Dolby atmos, support and sound equalizer

if you are looking for the best gaming headphones under 3000

Using earbuds while workout is now common practice thats why Oneplus make sure that you can enjoy your favourite track while workout as well without having worry about the sweating or waterproof the reason is its IP55 Water resistance which enables to keep your earbuds safe from the outer sweet and water

its Noise free call make sure to provide you the best sound quality without noise

With the help of ultra fast charging you can charge these earbuds 5-7minutes and it can last upto 4-5 hours easily (Claimed by oneplus)

In the box you will get the One oneplus earbuds, charging case, user guide, ear-tips(S, M & L), Warranty card and OnePlus Emoji Sticker

5. JBL Wave 200 TWS

best earphones under 2500


20 hours of playback

Touch Controls for calls and Voice assistant 

Quick & Fast Charging 

Deep Bass Boosted

Design & Build quality : the build quality of the JBL wave 200 is made up of the plastic 

it is ergonomically-shaped, so it can fit  comfortably and perfectly in your ears and can use for long time . which is attractive and gives you the premium look also responsible for the comfortable and lightweight for ease of use 

Sound quality : The sound quality of this JBL Wave 200 TWS is quite different and unique which will give you the Deep bass powered sound with the help of the 8mm Dynamic drivers 

Features : It feaures includes the Deep Bass, 20hours of playback, call and voice assistant and fast charging also

the features of the Touch controls you can just touch and control the music and calls

With the help of the JBL Dual connect you can take the calls or enjoy the music at a single earbuds at a time 

The battery backup fo the 20hours of playtime in the jbl wave earbuds by just charging the 2 hours only 

In the box you will get the One JBL TWS headphones, charging case, USB Type-C charging cable, ear tips; and Quick guide 

6.boAt Rockerz 330 Pro

Boat Rockerz 330 pro


10mm drivers

Touch Controls for calls and Voice assistant 

IPX5 marked water resistance

ENx technology

Single Press Voice Assistant 

1 year warranty

Design & Build quality : the design of the boat rockerz 330 pro is quite simple as a neckband look like and its consists of the magnetic earbuds that will help you in carry and easy to use 

Sound quality : The sound quality of this rockers 330 pro is balanced from bass to clarity all you will get in balanced 

Boat Rockerz 330 pro Neckband having the ENx technology that enables the voice without unwanted noise and give you the best call quality

Features : Boat Rockerz 330 profeatures include the voice assistant,60HRS Playtime, IPX5 waterproof, 10 mm drivers, quick connectivity long-lasting battery life and dual pairing

Th fast charging wil let you use the Neckband up to 20hours by just charging its 10minutes 

In the box you will get the One neckband, Charging Cable, extra earbuds, User Manual and Warranty Card

7. Boult Audio X1 Buds

Boult Audio X1 Buds


10mm Bass Drivers

Touch Controls & Voice Assistant

IPX5 Water Resistant

Quad Mics with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)

Touch Controls

Here comes the last earphones of the best earphones under 2500 which is Boult Audio X1 Buds

Design & Build quality : the design of this buds is quite simple and attractive which is eye catching and give you the premium look design gives this buds extra edge form all other earbud sin this price range 

Sound quality : The Boult Audio buds known for its extra deep bass if you are looking for extra deep bass then this will be the best choice for you 

Features : It features consist of the 24H Playtime, Fast Charging, Environmental Noise Cancellation, 10mm Bass Drivers and IPX5 Water resistant

By charging one time you can enjoy the music upto 6hrs and 24hrs of playback 

the fast charging will let you use this earbuds upto 100min by just charging for the 15 minutes

By its touch sensor you can manage the music and calls easily You can easily command your Google Assistant and sir by just clicking on it that amazing also you can go with the best earbuds under 1500 if your budget is 1500

It support the latest Bluetooth Version V5.1

You can pair these pairs of buds easily by just opening out of the case by its quick pairing features

Frequently asked Questions

Which is the best earphones under 2500?

Sony MDR-XB55AP OnePlus Bullets Z2 and realme Buds Air 3 Neo

Which brand is best for earbuds under 2500?

Boat & JBL

Which JBL headphones are best under 2500?

JBL Wave 200 TWS

Which brand is best for earphones under 2500?

Boat, JBL and Sony


Hey I have discussed all thing in details, I hope now you are all ready to choose the best earphones under 2500 according to your needs and requirement I have provided all the best list of earphones including wired, wireless and true wireless under this price range

I will suggest you to pick any of the top 3 earphones from my list that will be the best choice for you

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