7 Best Earbuds Under 7000 In India 2023

Are you also one of them who is looking for the best earbuds under 7000 then you are at the right we are here to help i choosing your best pairs of earbuds  

its not an easy to choose best pair of them out of the thousands No worry

We have make sure that earbuds we have mentioned gonna stand on your daily needs of earbuds and longevity as well as 

We have listed the 7 Best earbuds under 7000 here are quick overview of them 

List of the Best Earbuds under 7000 In India

  1. Sony WF-C500
  2. Jabra Elite 4
  3. OnePlus Buds Z2
  4. JBL Tune 230NC
  5. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 
  6. CrossBeats TORQ
  7. Skullcandy Grind 

Things we have Consider while choosing the best earbuds under 7000

we have make sure to look these important following point in Earbuds before listing them in our the best pick list 

Sound Quality : Sound quality is the main component of any audio product that whywe have make sure to mentioned only those pair of earbuds which having the optimal level of the bass & balanced sound or audio quality to enhance your music experience under budget range of 7000 

Earbuds are the great gadgets if you are looking for the best sound quality as the output form 

There are also some of earbuds which is having the only good quality of bass if you want them go with them as per need 

Build Quality :  Build quality and design of the product may impact the product thats why picking the best quality and great design can impact your wearing look

we have make sure to put the best build quality of the earbuds with uniques design to make earbuds look attractive while you wear it on your ear 

For long tern of any product the build quality can be negated while purchasing any product so we have make sure that the earbuds are used for long term without having any problem 

Features : Features can be the most important aspects of any product make sure to have a plenty pf the good premium features to make your experience easier and covenant towards using that product in the earbuds

There are a lot good feature which includes noise cancellations, Water or dust resistant, Quick charging and many more

while picking up the list of best earbuds under 7000 we have make sure that the every earbuds should have the plenty number of useful feature that can take your music experience to the next level and make you manage the many control of the earbuds by the help of its cool features

Details about the Best Earbuds Under 7000 

1. Sony WF-C500

Best Earbuds Under 7000

Features : 

10hr battery life

IPX4 rating

Ergonomic Surface Design

Voice Assistant 

Sony WF-C500 True wireless earbuds having a lot of features that make this earbuds as the first choice of the best earbuds under 7000 here are details abut the Sony WF-C500 including the Sound Quality, Build Quality,Design and Features 

Sound Quality : The sound quality of this earbuds is exceptional and best with its DSEE Restores high frequency make sure to give you the best sound output 

This headset sounds very well and won’t interfere with daily activities, including answering phone calls and using your voice assistant during busy days.

If you prefer listening to music on-the-go and want earbuds to provide you the best out of it, then the Sony WF-C500’s lightweight design can be perfect fit for you under this price range 

Build Quality & Design: 

its design is Ergonomic Surface Design which After survey and all Sony has made this earbuds as the best fit for the ear by combining its ergonomic surface design ensures more stable comfort for wearers

This earbuds are made up of the best quality and durable plastic which could easily long last 

For extra protection you will get the 2-Year Warranty for any manufacturing defect 

Features : its features includes the voice assistant, Hands-free callings, IPX4 water resistance and long lasting battery of 10 Hour backup 

If you are in hurry then its fast charging features let you charge earbuds for 10 Minutes and easily use it for an extra hour 

IPX4 water resistance feature will protect your earbuds from external harm and also the sweat get in their way and keep you moving to the music

Note : In the box you will get 

2. Jabra Elite 4 

Best Earbuds Under 7000

Features : 

Active Noise Cancellation

Up to 28hrs Battery backup 

IP57 rating

2-year warranty

Jabra elite 4 earbuds is know for its best Active noise cancellation and many more amazing features thats why we thought to introduce you this jabra elite 4 as the best earbuds under 7000

There are a lot of other things thats make this earbuds on the 2nd number of our best list 

Jabra offers active noise cancellation at an economical price with their Jabra Elite 4 Active. Boasting best-in-class IP57 durability, these ergonomic earbuds ensure secure fitting.

Sound Quality : 

Sound quality of the Jabra Elite 4 have a ideal sound quality from Bass to clarity it all 

It sound quality also improve and let you feel music more after its ideal feature of the Active Noise Cancellation which can easily stops the unwanted sound 

its Four microphone technology ensure that you always get the best quality of the call output and input at a time without worrying about the position and location

Build Quality & Design : 

If I’m talking about its design it is designed with comfort in mind; their small yet secure Danish-designed Earbuds provide optimal sound during a full working and other activities, keeping you comfortably use it for the long time without pain. it is durable and easy to carry anywhere 

its is also known for its secure and easy comfortable fit 

Features :

It features include the Active noise cancellation, Fast Charging, 4Mic technology and many more 

The Bluetooth 5.2 Technology will help you to fetch your devices and connect it fast at a time easily 

It is having the features Alexa integration as well as Google Fast Pair  so that users can request directions directly while simultaneously playing songs they like immediately and pairing their phone without interrupting playback which is the ideal combination under this price range 

it comes with the IP57 water resistant will keep your earbuds safe from the water and sweat both easily

Its battery has an incredible 28 hour lifespan. Plus, these headphones boast quick charging capabilities

Note : In the box you will get the one earbuds, Charging case, Ear-cups and C type cable 

3. One-plus Buds Z2 

Best Earbuds Under 7000

Features : 

38 Hrs Battery Backup 

Active Noise Cancellation

Dolby Atoms Support 

94 ms  Ultra low latency 

One-plus buds z2 is well know for its best earbuds successor for the brand of one-plus in the earbuds category there are a lot reason behind that from design, build to features lets get in details one by one 

it is the best and ideal example of the best earbuds under 7000 

The OnePlus Buds Z2 can be an ideal earbud under, 7000 and desirable alternative for those who are looking for it

Looking for the best earbuds under 4000

Sound Quality : 

It is having the High quality of the sound by its 11mm dynamic drivers deliver bigger and more powerful beats featuring razor-sharp bass to produce immersive, true-to-life sound using Dolby atmos technology that offers expansive sound with industry best spatial audio realism.

Build Quality & Design : 

if I’m talking about its designThey come with the shape of a pill, with an attractive outside

its ear-cups are of the silicones which is best for the grip and fitting at a time

Its is design to be lightweight and having you able to wear it without problem for long time 

Features :  

It features includes the Dolby Atoms Support, 94ms Ultra low latency, 3-Mic Setup and IP55 Resistance 

The flash charge feature will let you charge your buds for 10 minutes and use it for the 5 hours 

The special features of the one-plus buds z2 having the google fats pair will let you pair your earbuds quickly 

In the box you will get the Earbuds, Silicon Earbuds, Type C and User guide

4. JBL Tune 230NC 

Features : 

Active Noise Cancelling

4 Mic Technology 

40 hours of battery life 

IPX4 Water resistance

JBL Tune 230NC is best earbuds under 7000 if you are looking for the combinations of the 40hrs playback with best active noise cancellation

Sound Quality : 

the sound quality of the JBL TUNE 230NC is quite attractive in this price range of 7000 the reason for its best sound quality is its the 4 Mic which is responsible for the crystal clear audio 

If you are looking for the Bass boosted sound then this pair of earbuds can be ideal for you it comes with the JBL Pure Bass Sound 

Equalisers allow you to tailor the audio listening experience. They enable you to control how music sounds by customising its volume levels.

it offers the clear and precise audio with sharp bass response and detailed highs that will enhance your listing experience 

Build Quality & Design : 

It is ultra-thin and sleek style, boasting a shiny finish and soft silicone ear tips to guarantee maximum comfort while wearing.

It design for the comforting and sleek design with the best comfort 

it is suitable to be worn during exercise or when it rains. This makes them great to bring along when taking walks outdoors!

Features : 

the speed charge features will let you charge your earbuds quickly by charging for 10 minutes and use it for 2 hours of playtime 

If you want to use the earbuds by its control gestures then you can by setting the gesture setting the JBL Headphones app for your earbuds according to your convenient 

The IPX4 will keep your buds safe from the any kind of outer water like sweat while workout 

You can get all earbuds status on the JBL Headphones app which is personalise with the earbuds easily

In the box you will get the 

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 

Best Earbuds Under 7000

Features : 

Active Noise Cancellation

Auto Switch Feature

20hrs Battery Life

Galaxy Wearable app

if you are Samsung brand lover then this pair of earbuds can best fit for you if you are looking under the 7000

Sound Quality : 

The sound quality of the Samsung buds 2 is well balanced sound with Active noise cancellations 

It is well-known for providing the balanced sound with rich bass and crisp highs for an immersive listening experience and enhanced active noise cancellation technology for better audio isolation which will increase you’re listing experience 

Build Quality & Design : 

Its design is created for the best comfort fit and it is also quite attractive by its look 

it is comfortable earbuds that will fit easily and securely into even your most active lifestyle. Available with three flexible yet soft silicone tips of various sizes to find an optimal ANC experience

Features : 

Samsung galaxy buds 2 having the sensor with Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor and Touch Sensor

it is having the Google Assistant and Siri assistance.

galaxy buds 2 having the feature of IPX7 rating which will keep your buds safe from water sweat and rain.

Its having the bluetooth version of the Bluetooth v5.2

The best thing about these earbuds is having the features of active noise cancellation too, which is responsible for reducing the background noise in noisy situations. They make an ideal addition to if you want to use them in noisy places also 

In The box you will get the

6. CrossBeats Torq 

Features : 

72 Hours Playtime,  

3D Sound Effects, 

AI Voice Assistant

Fast Charging

this earbud is immersed with a lot of the best features which includes the 3D Sound effect, 4 mics technology and many let’s get in details one by one this is the reason why we have considered the crossbets torq as the best earbuds under 7000

Sound Quality : 

The Crossbeats torq having the crystal clear sound or audio with the in built 4 microphone which allow you to use this earbuds as the environmental noise cancelling 

Build Quality & Design : 

Features : 

its features include the low latency which is best for who is looking the earbuds for their gaming purpose and also having the qualcomm chipset as the extra edge for the game point of view 

7. Skullcandy Grind Earbuds 

Best Earbuds Under 7000

Features : 

40 Hours of Total Battery Life  

Skull-iQ Smart Voice Control

IP55 Sweat and water resistant

Built-in Tile Finding Technology

Skullcandy Grind is considered as the best earbuds under 7000 by its overall performance from Sound, build quality to features all lets dive in to details one by one

Sound Quality : 

its 10mm Driver is responsible for the clear, Balanced and strong bass sound at a time which enhances its sound quality to the next level 

Build Quality & Design : 

Skullcandy Grind Earbuds is an ultra compact and light design, and provide a comfortable fitting with two sizes of Ear tips included for optimal sound output for your listing experience 

it is deurable and can carry for long time easily

Features : 

The features of the IP55 which is sweat and water resistant will keep your earbuds safe from the sweat and water easily 

it is having the extra features which makes this earbuds uniques from earbuds which is the Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology

Basics details about the Earbuds 

Earbuds have played an important role in recent times, especially than the new generation. Earbuds are a popular choice because they are convenient and small. They are also wireless. There is no messy cables, tangled cables, or other annoyances. 

Therefore, users have no limitation on their movements and listen to music in a relaxed manner while dancing. 

There are numerous companies in the marketplace which have made earbuds part of their product. Certain specifications must be taken into consideration before purchasing headphones.

Earbuds are generally made from plastic and are available in a single size that will fit Every shape and form of yours. 

They’re usually wireless and can be found in a variety of Freedom of movement because there aren’t any cords that get caught or tangled. Earbuds are essentially tiny speakers that you can wear in your ears. 

They’re really tiny devices that are extremely handy and simple to use. to carry. They are perfect for listening to music with-out any hassle cable.

But, all earbuds do not have the same features and they aren’t made in the same manner. 

Some are very good and extremely comfortable for ears, whereas some aren’t so comfy to the ears. 

Different earbuds come with a different price, and certain earbuds are costly, while others are much affordable and offer decent

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the Best earbuds under 7000?

Sony WF-C500 Jabra Elite 4 and OnePlus Buds Z2

Which is the Best Earbuds under 8000?

Jabra Elite 4

Which is the Best Earbuds Under 6000?

JBL Tune 230NC, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and CrossBeats TORQ


we have covered all your query related the best earbuds under 7000 in India now you are all set to choose the best pair by your own we have make sure to provide you the  best list out of the many pairs

We will recommend you to go with the top 3 pairs of earbuds that we have mentioned in this list  you can choose them without any hesitations 

Also make sure that it will fit for your expectation and lastly make sure fit for your budget as well 

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