7 Best Fitness Band Under 3000 In India

In this article, we will be gone through the best fitness band under 3000.

Maintaining a fit body is becoming tough nowadays. Most of the work is performed automatically by computers, washing machines, electrical juicer’s and many more.

To maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, people have to perform some kind of manual work. They can exercise, make a good diet plan and walk some miles. To lose weight and increase the metabolic activity of the body.

With the help of the Fitness band, you can be stressed free about setting a daily routine for your body fitness like walking steps, water reminders, calorie burn, and your metabolism weight.

This band will record all the details about your body that can help you in maintaining a good body. These days there are many fitness bands are available offline and as well online stores.

And in this article, we have covered a list of the best fitness bands under 3000 rupees along with their features. We hope that you will read this article till last and get a better idea about fitness bands and will let you make ideal one to choose the best fitness band under 3000 easily

List of Best fitness band under 3000

  1. Mi Smart Band 5
  2. Honor Band 5
  3. Realme Band 2
  4. GOQii Vital
  5. Noise Colorfit Pro
  6. Samsung Galaxy Fit
  7. Fastrack reflex 3.0


Let’s understand the every basics points of fitness band one by one 

Fitness Band : These fitnesses band are gadgets which helps you achieve your fitness goals while keeping your body in good shape. It’s a hand that functions like an actual watch. It is linked to your phone and records your fitness-related measurements like distance you jogged or walked and calories consumed, and in some occasions’ heart rate. These fitness bands are commonly described as exercise trackers.

In simple word it is a gadget or an application to track and monitor the performance of a person’s fitness, such as distance and distance walked or run, calories consumption and, in certain cases, heartbeat

Benefits of the Fitness band 

The current generation is obsessed with fitness, and everybody these days is trying to stay healthy. A good fitness band can help you maintain your fitness. Let’s look at some of the most important reasons

1. It allows you to keep track of your progress:

In the event that you’re looking to keep fit, create goals that keep you fit. A fitness tracker will help keep the track of your performance throughout the day and ensures you meet your targets. It can even produce precise informational graphs and reports that allow you to examine your progress.

2. Tips for training and free exercises:

It’s difficult to stick to a exercise routine when you’re physically active. However, your exercise regimen is crucial.

Help is at hand by providing a variety of workout tips that are specific according to the fitness levels of your clients.

3. Helps set achievable goals:

If you’re trying to be fit, you need to set daily goals. We aren’t equipped to keep up with the appropriate realistic targets. Therefore, the fitness band can help in keeping our goals in reach and prevent our body from engaging in excessive exercises.

4. Health surveillance:

The fitness tracker will keep track of your heart rate daily, calories burned and also your daily steps. As it is, you will be in a position to monitor the fitness level. Self-tracking lets you follow an exercise program that you can follow more frequently and also rest more comfortably.

5. It keeps you focused:

It’s not easy to keep an ideal body of health, since it involves a week that is good and the one that’s not as good. You should feel these as your daily routines and sleeping patterns alter over the course of the week, days as well as months. 

A fitness tracker can help you identify the patterns that can be easy to maintain in order to meet your long-term objectives to be fit. You can showcase your achievements with your fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Details About the Best Fitness Band Under 3000

1. Mi Smart Band 5

best fitness band under 3000

Features :

  • 11 sports modes
  • 50 m Water Resistance
  • 24-hour Heart rate & Sleep monitoring
  • Magnetic Charging

Every year, Xiaomi launches its new version of fitness brands at very affordable prices. That tracks the fitness activities of the body. The features of the mi smart band 5 are quite amazing.

Below we have discussed a detailed description of its features, pricing, etc. this fitness band is the perfect example for the best fitness band under 3000

Features :

  • Additional sports Tracking.

Through this, the fitness band keeps track of the sports activities like running, swimming, cycling and walking, and many others activities. That can make your body healthy and can burn fat.

  • More frequent heart rate monitoring.

It gives an accurate report of the heart rate. And works even when you are sleeping. But it also depends upon the amount of battery that is left.

  •  Sleep tracking

It also actively monitors the sleep track with naps that person is taking in a day.

  • Menstrual cycle

It gives a remainder before periods and notifies about the ovulation date and other phases of the menstrual cycle.

It keeps tracking through GPS.

Built-in quality :

It is composed of flexible and durable material that is resistant to water and dust. And it even prevents its damage. The dimension of the mobile is 46.95×18.15x 12.45 mm. The weight of the band is 11.9 grams.


 The pricing of the fitness band ranges ₹2000 to ₹2999


  1. They offer long battery life.
  2. The built-in quality is good compared to the pricing.
  3. Avail in multiple colours.
  4. The display is amazing.
  5. Has a precisely accurate heart sensor.


  1. Some more improved features are required.
  2. Voice assistant, NFC, and pulse ox are lacking

Final Thought :

Thus, Xiaomi ear bands are budget friendly and come with advanced features. If you are looking for good ear bands, you must buy MI smart band 5. It provides accurate results for heart rate, and blood pressure. Comes with a plastic case that protects it from any damage.

2. Honor Band 5

best fitness band under 3000

Features :

  • 0.95″ AMOLED Touch Display
  • SpO2 Monitor
  • 14 Days Of Standby Time
  • Heart Rate Tracking

This is one of the cheapest fitness and has a good number of customers.

The features offered by  Honor band 5 are quite good compared to the pricing.

Below we have discussed the detailed features of the Honor Band 5 please have a look


Honor band 5 features

They provide long battery life and quick charging. They keep track of the sleep cycle including naps, heart rate, blood pressure walking steps, and liters of water consumed per day. It notifies about the message and phone as well.

They are available in different colours and a charging cable is also provided. They are active 24 hours a. And monitor every change precisely and accurately.

Honor band 5 is the best fitness band under 3000

The size of the fitness band ranges from around .095 inches or 2.41 in cms. They provide support outdoors as well as indoors and monitor changes precisely that are undergoing in our bodies. Multiple watch faces along with remote control cameras are also available.

Built-in quality

It consists of a small body with detachable straps that are made of rubber and are comfortable to wear and negligible in weight.  The overall weight of the fitness band ranges from 22.7 grams. They are resistant to dust and water up to some extent.


The pricing of the honor band 5 fitness band ranges from around ₹2099 to 2999. One can get it at a much lower price by availing of the discount.


  1. It gives an accurate report of the heart rate, and blood pressure, and keeps an active track of the menstrual and the deep cycle.
  2. The display quality is good.
  3. Flexible and lightweight.
  4. Long battery life.


They provide limited features.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it provides a good quality fitness band that provides affordable. All the necessary features are available in this fitness band. One should buy this if your budget is under 3000.

3. Realme Band 2

best fitness band under 3000

Features :

  • 12-Day Battery Life
  • 90 Sports Modes
  • Sleep Quality Analysis
  • 50+ Personalize dial faces

Realme brand is best known for its smartphones. In addition to this, they are also popularly known for their fitness bands and earphones.

They offer these items at a very effective price and the quality of their products is quite amazing. To look more into a detailed discussion of the Realme band 2 follow-ups below subheadings


Features of realme buds 2

The size of the screen is 1.4  and the resolution is 167×320 with a 00 nits touch screen. The colour available is black and space grey. The weight of the fitness band is 27.3 grams.

They offer a long battery life and quick charging. The battery is 204 mAh with two magnetic pins. The processor is available with a sensor known as GH3011 heart rate sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer.

That’s make this fitness band eligible for our list of the best fitness band under 3000

Built-in quality

This fitness band is composed of a polycarbonate chassis and a silicon rubber strap. They are resistant to water up to 5 WPM. Which makes it durable and resistant to any damage.


The pricing ranges of realme band 2 is from 1999 to 2999 ₹ but one can buy it at a much lower price. By availing of several discounts that are available offline as well as online.


  1. Rare rectangle  design
  2. Comfortable to wear and light in weight.
  3. Colors choices are available
  4. Long battery life
  5.  Resistant to water and dust up to some extent.


  1. No calling or massage reply option is provided
  2. Connected via GPs only
  3. AMOLED is not available.

Final Thoughts

They are good quality fitness bands. That offers good features and 24×7 services to its customers. Charging is fast and can easily be connected to Bluetooth and tracks every necessary information related to health.

4. GOQii Vital

best fitness band under 3000

Features :

  • 24×7 Heart rate Monitor
  • 17 Exercise Modes
  • IP68 Water and dust resistant
  • 10 Days Battery Life

This is the full-touch AMOLED display. It provides the simplest user interface and its pricing is affordable and provides good features and services. These features are discussed below in detail


The size of the display of GOQii Vital is 1.78 inches AMOLED  and the pixel range is around 320×380. The curve edge is 2.5 D in dimension. The IP rating is IP68, which is resistant to water and dust up to a great extent

The range of the Bluetooth is ten meters and can be connected to mobile easily can attain phone calls. The battery life is 7 days and takes 1 hour time to fully charge a battery.

Weather and temperature details are also notified in the Goaqii vital fitness band.

Built-in quality

It is composed of polycarbonate material and the strap material is silicon and plastic material. Comes with a one-year warranty. dimension is 255.4×37.4×12.45 mm. They provide durability and protect it from damage and the case is also available where you can keep it safe.


The pricing generally ranges from 2500₹ to 2999₹. You can also avail of some discounts.


  1. Good quality display.
  2. Actively monitors the changes in the body.
  3. Durable design.
  4. A high-quality strap is mentioned.


  1. Watch faces are limited.
  2. Silence calls are absent
  3. The remote sensor is captured.

Final Thought

Overall features offered by GOQii Vital are quite good. Good services and display is provided by the fitness band.

5. Noise Colorfit Pro

best fitness band under 3000

Features :

  • IP68 water resistance
  • 10-day battery
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Real time control

The smartwatch fits a fair bit and provides amazing features in its fitness bands. They are available in multiple colors. A detailed description of the fitness bands is mentioned below.


The fitness band weight is 24.1 grams. The length of the smartwatch is 1.72 inches and the resolution is 356×400 pixels. They assist to water and dust up to a great extent. The blue tooth connectivity is 5.3 and its range is 9-10 meters. They enable the lift gesture to be on the screen. It also keeps monitoring health like blood pressure rate, heart rate, and so on.

Built-in quality

They are composed of polycarbonate material and are extremely comfortable and light in weight. They have detachable straps which are quite flexible and do not get damaged easily.


The pricing generally ranges from 2500 to 2999₹.


  1. They have a big sharp and bright display
  2. Provides 24×7 hour services.
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Bluetooth connectivity works very well
  5. Light in weight.
  6. Long battery life


Does not track precisely the health reports like heartbeats and blood pressure.

Final Thoughts

The features are provided optimally well and budget-friendly it not only keeps track of heart and blood pressure changes but also monitors the sleep cycle and menstrual cycle.

It also notifies about messages and calls.

6. Samsung Galaxy Fite

best fitness band under 3000

Features :

  • Automatic Fitness Tracking
  • Full Color AMOLED Display
  • Sleep & heart Rate Monitor
  • Water & Dust Resistance

Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular brands in providing good feature smartphones at affordable prices. They have launched recently a fitness band that keeps track of the health and provides a guide by which one can make their body fit and disease free.


They are light in weight and are comfortable to wear. Monochrome screen ranges around 0.74 inches. Available in their basic colors. gives a luxury experience to their users. Battery life is for one week and charging time is between 30 to 90 minutes.

Built-in quality

It is composed of durable and flexible materials. They are resistant to water and dust particles. They also came with a case that prevents the fitness band from damage.


The pricing of the Samsung galaxy lite is 2499₹. which is quite budget-friendly.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Accurate tracking is available.
  • Light in weight and are comfortable
  • Long battery life is offered.


  1.  Separate apps are needed
  2. Internationally not much is available
  3. The battery can vary.

Final Thoughts

It provides good quality features and services to its users and is affordable at a good price.

7.  Fastrack reflex 3.0

best fitness band under 3000


  • 10+ Sports Mode
  • IP68 Water Resistance
  • 10-Days Battery Life
  • 1-Year Warranty

 Fasttrack is popularly known for the best quality watches all across the globe. They have recently launched the Fastrack reflex 3.0 version.That comes under the 3000 INR price range.


It offers 24×7 monitoring of our body. The charging is quite rapid and provides a long battery life. They are available in much different colors and themes.  It also notifies about the sleep cycle temperature, weather conditions,

Built-in quality

They are composed of durable and strong material and yet are light in weight. They are composed of an IPX4 range that signifies these bands are quite resistant to water and dust particles.


The pricing ranges from 2000 to 2999₹ which is budget-friendly.


  1. Budget-friendly.
  2. Accurate tracking is available.
  3. Light in weight and are comfortable
  4. Available in multiple colors.
  5. Long battery life is offered.


  1.  Does not provide precise heartbeat and blood pressure monitoring.
  2. Some more advanced features are lacking in this fitness band.

Final Thoughts

They have several good features that make them one of the most popularly purchased products that are resistant to water and dust particles. And are active 24×7 hours per week and keep track of the health changes in the body.

How do we have selected the best fitness band under 3000

there are thousands of the fitness band out there in the market in the name of the Therefore, it’s very important to look at some features that are most important in a fitness band

This is a brief buying guide to help you choose in the best fitness band and which features you should look while purchasing the best fitness band

We live in a world of speed that we don’t have the time to look after our bodies. 

But a well-maintained body is the only thing that will help you succeed in everything.

It is likely that you have previously used fitness trackers in case you are conscious about the significance of exercise.

but still confused like which is the best fitness band and like how you can select the best fitness band over the thousands of fitness band

don’t we are here to provide you the 

the first thing you should consider while choosing the best fitness band 

Display : it is the main component of any products’ fitness band is much more different, or you can complex as compare to others gadgets make sure you are getting the good quality of the display in the fitness band we have also ensured that we have listed the all the fitness band with the good quality of the display in the price range of the 3000

Battery life : when it comes to the fitness band we all know that there are the lots of digital features available in that fitness band and all that requires the good battery life now what does the good battery life means

it means average the 7 day of battery backup for nay fitness band will be fine, and we have make sure that all the 7 fitness band have minimum of 7 days battery backup that you can use without any problems 

Also the most important things in the fitness band is its the features 

Features : manly features you should look in the fitness band is it’s the features which support you in the journey of the fitness like its fitness tracking, Water resistance and more features like this you are going to get the good number of the features in our list of the all seven best fitness band under 3000

Frequently asked Questions 

Which is the best fitness band under 3000?

Mi Smart Band 5 Honor Band 5 and Realme Band 2

Which fitness band is most accurate?

Mi Smart Band 5 Honor Band 5 and Realme Band 2 are the most accurate fitness band according to our research as compare to others

Which fitness band is best in India?

questions is quite confusing if we talk about the best fitness band under 3000 then it will be the Mi Smart Band 5 Honor Band 5 and Realme Band 2


Now you are all set to choose the best fitness band under 3000 we have covered all the 7 best list and the buying to make your choice easier now its all upto you which one you want to choose if you will ask us to recommend you then we will recommend you to buy or pick any top 3 fitness band 

Be aware that all efforts to get fit will be useless when you don’t track your fitness progress and plan your workouts in a way that is appropriate

also Through extensive research we’ve discovered the best fitness bands that cost less than 3000 rupees and present these to you through this article 

if this article provide you some value in any way or help you in choosing the right products than don’t forget to share with your friends and family sharing is caring 

it means a lot 

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